Arnold was born and raised in San Diego, California. His interest in video production began at an early age of 12 through high school where he was introduced to Broadcast-style studio production and S-VHS linear editing. Outside of school he would study web design as well as build and repair computers.
He continued his education in 2000 at Southwestern Community College (Chula Vista, CA) where he became the Lab Technician for the Telemedia Program. He discovered non-linear editing through Adobe Premiere, Media100, Avid, and the newly introduced Apple Final Cut Pro. Knowledge of 16mm film production and professional audio production was also gained. Arnold studied graphic design, typography and photography as well. In May 2002, he graduated with an Associate in Arts degree in Telemedia.
Later that year, he transferred to San Diego State University where he was introduced to 35mm film production, 3-D design and modeling, and compositing. He pursued film/video editing as his primary career path. In May 2004, at the age of 21, Arnold graduated with a Bachelor in Sciences degree in Television, Film, and New Media Production.
Since graduation Arnold has become extremely proficient in Final Cut Pro and many of the Adobe Creative Suite programs. His interest in computers has spanned across both PC and Mac platforms. He gained work experience with a local video production company, producing corporate and event videos. His career with the County of San Diego began in 2006 where he specialized in audio-visual support, web administration, graphics, and video production.
Arnold and his wife Jacqueline (Respiratory Therapist) enjoy their free time with their four children, Hailey, Darren, Ella, and Dylan. Besides "Dadding," his hobbies include gaming, playing guitar, cooking, and practicing magic.
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